Promote Your Webinars

Promote your webinar

Let Webinar Swaps Help You Fill
ALL of Your Webinar Seats!

If you are doing webinars, you already know how much better they convert than regular sales pages, the big thing webinar promoters need is to fill up your seats! With 30-40% conversion rates, it's pretty obvious the more people you get to the show, the more money is going to go into your pocket. Webinar Swaps takes care of that for you!

With our pool of affiliates, who already know just how much better webinars convert, you can feel comfortable that you're going to fill up your seats. It's nice to fill up 1000 seats when you do one of these things isn't it?

By running your webinar at Webinar Swaps, we're also going to save you a ton of time. Instead of having to go out and find multiple people to set up a webinar for just you and them, you now have the ability to tap into hundreds of people willing to send out the invitations for you to their list of contacts.

Due to ninja coded tracking system, each affiliate is given their own unique affiliate link. They send out the invitation to their contacts and if they join you on your webinar and purchase your offer, the affiliate will get their credit for the sale.

Affiliates love it because they to know that NOTHING converts like webinars do. Because they are happy with the major increase in sales conversions, they would much rather send a webinar invitation to their contacts than mail out the latest boring sales page. They also love Webinar Swaps because they get paid immediately for the sales their contacts produce for you!

No waiting around, no wondering if they are going to get paid and no long out boring process. Instantly! This is what affiliates want and it's what brings them back over and over again to promote your webinars.

You know and affiliates know that the personal interaction, the emotion of the presenters voice and the undeniable visual aspect of a live setting multiplies not only the effectiveness of the message, but also the emotion to purchase.

You can be set up and start having affiliates promoting your webinar in as little as 2 minutes with our simple setup system. Once you're listed, you get INSTANT exposure from our market place.

You are not limited to just one webinar either. You can host as many as you would like. There is no set up fee and no hosting fee. Webinar swaps only takes a small 5.8% transaction fee for ONLY purchases made. This is much lower than industry standards.

The webinars run here are by approval only. We do this for our AFFILIATES to ensure that they are seeing quality offers and are always more than happy to promote anything that is approved by Webinar Swaps. You as the vendor will love this aspect as well because again, the affiliates will fill our seats with their egarness to promote.

If you would like to submit your webinar for approval, please do so here...