About Webinar Swaps

Webinar Swaps is the premier service for the hosting and promotion of Webinars.

For years, the industry that used webinars as a means of promotion was hindered by the fact that marketers were limited to their own contacts for an audience. Let's face it, there are not that many people out there that can fill up a 1000 seat room even 1/2 the time they host a webinar.

Webinar Swaps has solved that problem and allowed not only the bigger players to gain a huge advantage, but also the "little guy" to get in on the action.

One of the biggest downfalls with webinars is the ability to have multiple affiliates to promote for you to fill your seats. Marketers were stuck using only their own rolodex of friends and contacts as an audience. Many times, because of the lack of the ability to use affiliates, they were forced to go to these contacts one at a time. This means they may have had to run the exact same webinar up to 10-15 times. Not anymore.

With Webinar Swaps, our state of the art tracking system and payment technology allows multiple affiliates to promote your webinar at the same time!

This allows the vendor to run less webinars because they are doing them to a much bigger audience. Instead of having to contact 5 people and schedule a webinar with each of them, you can now get all 5 of them to promote one webinar and each visitor is cookied to the one that sent them.

You now have a large list of attentees and your partners are happy because they can still get their affiliate commission. Fill up all the seats and do it over and over again.

With our large list of affiliates that are constantly looking for the best webinar to promote, the possibilities are endless with how many times you can fill your webinars.

The best part is, Webinar Swaps makes payment to affiliates AND Vendors completely seemless. Our state of the art payment sytem integrates directly with Paypal and pays BOTH vendor and affiliate at the point of sale.

This means we are NOT using some sort of instant payment script that runs from Paypals IPN. Many "instant commission" scripts use the IPN on a "rotation" as in: Vendor gets sale number 1,3,5 and so on while affiliate gets sale 2,4,6 and so on down the line. There are multiple potential problems with this. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Support Issues
  • Payment Issues
  • Rotation Being Throw Off By Volume
  • The Ability For Affiliates To Not Handle Refunds Properly

With Webinar Swaps payment technology, none of those are an issue. Both vendor and affiliate are paid immediately at the point of sale and customer support is ONLY delt with by the vendor.

Webinar Swaps also has a state of the art refund system that guarantees vendors will not be stuck holding the bill if an affiliate does not want to honor a refund. Vendors have complete control over refunds and when one is granted, our system will pull out the percentage paid to the affiliate and vendor directly from their Paypal account. This insures there are no problems or hassles what so ever.

Webinar Swaps is the premier webinar promotion service on the internet today. There is nothing that even comes close. The best part is it is totally free to use for vendor and affiliate. There are no set up fees to create and account and post your first webinar to be promoted. There are also no account creation or promotion fees for affiliates.

You can get started in less than two minutes just by clicking here.